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January 29, 2011


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It's true. I made myself a Kingdom Hearts family, and it went like this...
Axel and Kairi Leonheart (Siblings. Children of Squall Leonheart and Oerba Dia Vanille)
Riku and Namine Strife (Siblings. Children of Cloud Strife and Paine)
Vanitas and Xion Fair (Siblings. Children of Zack Fair and Oerba Yun Fang)

Now, what I did was this:
Xion marries Axel, so now she's Xion Leonheart.
Riku marries Vanitas, and now he's Riku Fair.
Namine marries Kairi, so now she's Namine Leonheart.

Xion and Axel have a kid, who's Roxas. Roxas grows up and marries Cornelia Goth (because Roxas is a homewrecker). Now, I go to send Namine to be happy for him, since it's a Namine-type-thing to do, and I find that she can have romantic interactions with her nephew.

Now, let's review the family tree, shall we?
Axel marries Xion who's brother is Vanitas who marries Riku who's sister is Namine who's married to Kairi who's brother is Axel who has Roxas with his wife Xion.
Brain hurt yet?
Therefore: Roxas is Axel's son, and Kairi is Axel's sister, which makes her Roxas' aunt. Kairi marries Namine, which makes Namine the aunt to Roxas by marriage, thus making her Roxas' aunt-in-law, in a sense.

And so, you can do incest in the Sims 3. Enjoy~

Lolbutseriouslythough. I find that funny. And I know it's not really incest, but it's like banging your second cousin. It's not REALLY incest, but it's still frowned upon by most.

Anyway, now I'm going to totally wreck the home. Should I have Roxas make the first move, or Namine? >X3
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(Incest in the sims = the shat, btw XD)
Ugh, I know right?
I wish I could do some proper incest, damn it. I wants my Namiku, too. X3
Get a core mod. XD That's what I have~ >83
...What the hell is a core mod? XD
And where would I get one? :iconitsbeautifulplz:
CORE mod is like..Awesome Mod except better. XD It goes into the Sims 3 and you can manually turn on and off individual functions (like polygamy) that are usually blocked.
Also known as "InTeen" XD
But CORE mod is a core mod, so you can't have CORE and Awesomemod both installed...

Just google it. XD I think I got it at sexysims2 (under the sims 3 section, obviously XD)
Erk. Too confusing for me. x.X
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I did that, and now everyone in the house is now mad at Namine, and to vent her frustration, she's writing a horror novel that I decided to name "How the Nobody Killed Everybody", which she's actually making quite a bit of money for. XDDD
Everybody's fine with Roxas, cause apparently it's not his fault that he kissed back. (Cause, you know... Namine overpowers everyone and all... XD)
Kairi is totally pissed, though. I'm now going to cheat and make everything all fine and dandy again.
...And then kill Roxas.
;;;>.> ... <.<;;;
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